Abortion Activists Soaked In Blood, Holding Baby Dolls Seen Outside Justice Barrett’s Home

Abortion activists were seen outside Amy Coney Barrett's house in Virginia.
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Pro abortion activists were seen dressed in blood-soaked outfits and holding dolls in a protest outside of Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s house on Saturday. They are out there to make their voices heard over the expected overturning of Roe v. Wade in upcoming weeks.

Protesters from the Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights activist group assembled outside Barrett’s home in Virginia. The group were carrying dolls and white pants with blood stains on their crotch. The blood was meant to symbolize the forced births that would allegedly happen if Roe v. Wade was struck down by the high court.


repost @ruthsent Abortion Rights Activists youth Procession to Amy Coney Barrett’s neighborhood. DONATE to help support this action and more. #Linkinbio We refuse her nightmare handmaid tale future. Stop the Supreme Court from taking away abortion rights.

♬ original sound – Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights

The group posted a video of the babydoll procession that featured women protestors with their mouth taped shut and the caption reading, “Children’s Baby doll Procession heading to Amy Coney Barrett’s house, bringing alive the reality of forcing women to give birth against their will. A call for YOU to act.”

The group posted on twitter a video of the protestors making their point. They were wearing green with the main speaker in the video spotted with green handprints on her shirt.

The group previously protested outside the Supreme Court building on June 18, 2022. They announced their intentions to “NOT allow the Supreme Court to overturn Roe” then.

Last week, would-be assassin Nicholas Roske, was arrested several streets away from Brett Kavanaugh’s house armed with a handgun, a crow bar, and pepper spray. He had traveled from California to Maryland with the goal of killing the justice. He decided not to and turned himself in.

The justices are currently protected by Federal Marshals. However, Congress has delayed a bill to provide more protection to the justices after a string of attacks and protests outside of pro-life centers.

Man Armed With a Hatchet Runs At Police On Bodycam Video

The FBI announced on Friday that it would be investigating the attacks as terrorism. The radical left-wing group Jane’s Revenge has already claimed responsibility for several of the attacks.

“The FBI is investigating a series of attacks and threats targeting pregnancy resource centers and faith-based organizations across the country. The FBI takes all threats seriously and we continue to work closely with our law enforcement partners and will remain vigilant to protect our communities,” the agency said in a statement.

Leftists have gotten more and more extreme recently. It’s why we are seeing a rash of attacks across the country. They dislike when the levers of government power don’t agree with them. Are you praying for the safety of the Supreme Court Justices? Let us know below.

Abortion Activists Soaked In Blood, Holding Baby Dolls Seen Outside Justice Barrett’s Home

Joel Bailey

Joel Bailey is a social commentator and writer at the Next News Network. He graduated from Fisher College in Boston, Massachusetts and was adopted from Africa. He is proof of the American dream and learned conservative values at a young age.
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