More Companies Are Practicing Shrinkflation Find Out Which Ones

Edgar Dworsky, Consumer Advocate, discusses Shrinkflation
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Since the day Joe Biden took office inflation has risen. Now the media reports it’s at a 40 year high, but it’s actually higher. Shrinkflation has also taken hold and is everywhere we look. More and more companies are doing it, and consumers aren’t happy about it.

Shrinkflation is the process where a company shrinks the amount of a product but charges the same price, without ever telling the consumer. It “is a well-oiled strategy used by companies, mainly the food and beverage industries, to stealthily boost profit margins or to cement them in times of rising input costs,” reports The U.S. Sun.

Dr. Tom Fullerton, economic professor at the University of Texas at El Paso said the practice of shrinkflation is legal. “This is legal, companies can change prices of their products however they want this way they do it and it reduces the amount of complaints that the companies receive as a consequence of this stuff.” he said.

The list of companies that have started to practice shrinkflation is long. Here are at least some, reports The U.S. Sun:

  • Domino’s pizza
  • Gatorade
  • Fritos
  • Kleenex
  • Subway
  • Burger King

Bloomberg reported that Subway rotisserie chicken wraps and sandwiches contain less meat. Dominoes has reduced its boneless wings from ten to eight, while Burger King is doing the same with its chicken nuggets, reports The U.S. Sun.

There’s this, too, reports a twitter user:

And this:

But wait, there’s more, says Professor Hitendra Chaturvedi with Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business.

Original New Reduction
Cottenelle 340 312 8%
Sun Maid Raisins 22.58 20 11%
Folgers 51 43.5 15%
Chobani 5.3 4.5 15%
Dove body wash 24 22 8%
Safegaurd soap 4 3.2 20%
Charmin 264 244 8%
Keebler cookies (w M&M) 11.3 9.75 14%
Gatorade 32 28 13%
Crest Toothpase(sic) 4.1 3.8 7%
Gain detergent 165 154 7%
Tostitoes (sic) hint of Lime 13 11 15%
Quaker Oats – strawberry 10 8 20%
GM Cereals 20.1 19 5%

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There’s nothing like the feeling that you’ve had. Americans are already struggling to make ends meet for our families, and companies secretly do this. It’s pretty infuriating! Will you continue to purchase products from companies that are doing this?

Stacey Warner

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