Pope Francis May Be About to Resign

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Rumors are buzzing around the Vatican, that Pope Francis could be about to retire. Megyn Kelly, who said she “just happened” to be in Europe on vacation, even got in on the rumors.

She tweeted about it, saying she went to the Vatican and while there saw “a ton of cardinals” which her guide said is “highly unusual” and “not normal” and then, when they were in the Sistine Chapel, “a Priest or a Bishop” came and gave them a blessing, also “highly unusual,” she said.

What’s fueling the resignation rumors is a meeting of cardinals that the Pope just scheduled, reports TMZ who, like Kelly, said that’s “highly unusual.” The 85 year old Pope has been in poor health lately, and confined to a wheelchair, due to debilitating knee pain. He has canceled travel plans to the Democratic Republic of the Congo and South Sudan in July, reports Newsweek. In May he told a group of Bishops, “[r]ather than operate, I’ll resign.”

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There is also already talk of who will succeed Pope Francis, and it seems that people are placing bets on who it will be. “[B]ookmakers predict a Black or Asian cardinal could succeed him,” reports Newsweek. “Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle from the Philippines has been given 5/1 odds of being elected the next pope by British bookmakers OLBG. Also highly favored to replace Francis is Ghanaian Cardinal Peter Turkson, who has been given odds of 6/1,” Newsweek said. The position has been held mostly by Europeans.

Here’s one person’s opinion on Pope Francis, and his picks for a replacement: “I very much hope the rumors are true and Pope Francis resigns! His papacy and leadership at the Vatican has been abysmal for Catholicism. Cardinal Sarah would be my top choice to replace him, but I’d also be ok with Wim Eijk or Peter Turkson.”

Nancy Pelosi, a professed Catholic, banned from receiving Communion over her stance on abortion

Pope Francis has been in the position of leader of the Catholic Church since 2013. Many think he has been too liberal, especially with his stance on abortion, which he believes is murder but also doesn’t think church leaders should be “political.” Can someone, especially a Catholic, have it both ways?

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