KJP Struggles To Answer Why Biden Proposed Gas Tax Holiday

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre had trouble answering a question about Biden's federal gas tax holiday.
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On Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre practically blew a gasket trying to answer why President Joe Biden decided to propose a gas tax holiday.

“He took actions … with the gas tax, holiday gas tax, the way that he sees it, is it’s a direct, straightforward way, to deal with something that the American public is … really not feeling any relief right now at the pump,” said Jean-Pierre.

The proposed federal gas tax holiday will potentially save consumers 18 cents on unleaded gasoline and 24 cents on diesel fuel per gallon. This will save Americans an average of $2 every fill up and a negligible amount on their yearly gas bills. It’s not exactly anything to write home about.

Manchin Just Threw Cold Water on Biden’s Gas Tax Holiday Plan

In a recent speech, President Biden called on Congress to suspend the federal gas tax until September.

“Today, I’m calling on Congress to suspend the federal gas tax for the next 90 days through the busy summer season, busy travel season,” he announced.

The president also asked “state and local governments to provide additional consumer relief” in the form of suspending state gas taxes.

While running for President in 2008, then Senator Barack Obama called the “gas tax holiday” a “gimmick” and not a “real relief,” during the North Carolina Jefferson-Jackson dinner.

According to KTLA, the gas tax holiday will not actually help the gas price because it does not address the main issue driving price increases: not enough supply to meet demand. Also, a federal government gas tax holiday signals to consumers to buy more gasoline, which further drives up the demand when there is not enough supply.

It’s looks bad when even Democrat hero Sen. Barack Obama previously insulted a gas tax and now it is one of Biden’s only solutions. It is definitely a gimmick, too. It won’t actually save Americans that much money – probably about $18 over its course. Do you think that Biden’s gas tax holiday is a total gimmick? Let us know your thoughts.

KJP Struggles To Answer Why Biden Proposed Gas Tax Holiday

Joel Bailey

Joel Bailey is a social commentator and writer at the Next News Network. He graduated from Fisher College in Boston, Massachusetts and was adopted from Africa. He is proof of the American dream and learned conservative values at a young age.
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