A Nigerian Senator and His Wife Were Arrested In UK On Charges of Organ Harvesting From A 15 Year Old

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Forced organ harvesting is the practice of surgically removing an individual’s organs and placing them for sale on the black market. It is a horrifying practice that is growing worldwide. The World Health Organization (WHO) predicts that more than one illegal organ transaction is made every hour worldwide, reports Delta Net International.

Recently, a Nigerian Senator, Ike Ekweremadu, and his wife, Beatrice Nwanneka Ekweremadu, were arrested in London on charges of planning to bring a 15-year-old homeless boy into the United Kingdom to harvest his organs, reports Breitbart.

Courtesy of TVC News Nigeria via YouTube.com

Ekweremadu is a 60-year-old visiting professor at the University of Lincoln, in Lincoln, England. He is a Nigerian politician and lawyer from Enugu State who has served in the Senate of Nigeria since May 2003. He is a member of the People’s Democratic Party and was the Deputy President of the Nigerian Senate for three consecutive senates. Mrs. Ekweremadu is an accountant in Abuja, reports the Daily Mail.

A University of Lincoln spokesman said: “Visiting professors are often, as is in this case, non-resident at the university, unpaid and advisory. We are deeply concerned about the nature of these allegations but as this is an active police investigation, we cannot comment further at this stage.”

The 15-year-old alleged victim has been taken into protective custody, Metropolitan police said. Witnesses said the victim and his older brothers used to sell phone accessories with wheelbarrows in the Ikotun market, reports Vanguard of Nigeria.

Both husband and wife are accused of conspiracy to arrange and/or facilitate the travel of another person with a view to exploitation. Regarding jurisdiction, Prosecutor Damla Ayas told the court: “In respect of these offences the (UK) Attorney General’s consent is required and the Crown require 14 days for that to be obtained.” This is because the couple each told the Court they reside in Nigeria, but according to the prosecution, most of the alleged offenses happened in the UK. Furthermore, the couple has family in London.

The prosecutor also told the court: “The victim was 15. In Nigeria he was approached by both defendants. He was homeless on the streets of Lagos. They deceived him and promised him a better life in the UK. He was given a passport for a 41-year-old. The passport was illegally obtained by these defendants.”

The Daily Mail reports that “a doctor at the Royal Free in Camden became suspicious about whether the alleged victim was aware he was the donor of the kidney [the doctor was asked to remove] and whether he was 41 as his passport claimed. The doctor refused to remove the kidney, which the couple allegedly wanted for their sick daughter.

A Nigerian had this to say about the situation: “If Ekweremadu was in Nigeria, DSS would have picked that doctor and threatened him to silence (if he even had the decency to refuse the transplant), journalists would have been picked and harassed, and the boy and his family bullied to silence[.]”

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Forced organ harvesting is a form of slavery and is reprehensible. To have so much disregard for another human life is evil. Even if you have a sick child, you can’t deceive and use the body of another human being for their bodily organs. If it is proven that they committed this crime, what should happen to them?

Stacey Warner

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