Green Day Singer Renounced American Citizenship Over Roe v Wade

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Billie Joe Armstrong, the lead singer of legendary punk rock band Green Day, renounced his US citizenship over the weekend following the reversal of Roe v Wade by the Supreme Court.

The rock and roll front man blasted the Court during a huge concert crowd in London over the weekend.

After the band played their hit song American Idiot, which itself is a criticism of George Bush and his political reign in the United States, Armstrong walked to the front of the stage and told the crowd, “F**k America. I’m f***ing renouncing my citizenship. I’m f**king coming here!”

The rock star didn’t stop there, however. He continued his rant by tearing into the US saying, “There’s just too much f***ing stupid in the world to go back to that miserable f***ing excuse for a country.”

He then clarified that he was serious about his conviction to dump his native country, adding, “Oh, I’m not kidding, you’re going to get a lot of me in the coming days.”

People in attendance of the show insist that the Green Day front man also declared “f**k the Supreme Court of America!” before the song ever started and that he called the 5 SCOTUS justices who voted to end abortion protections “pricks” before the band performed “Hitchin’ a Ride.”

Green Day has never shied away from politics. During another reunion tour in 2017, Armstrong paused on of his songs to declare “F*ck Donald Trump”.

The rock legends were not alone in their sentiment of the Supreme Court, either. The Glastonbury music festival was also held in the UK over the weekend. Music icon Billie Eilish also trashed the Court’s ruling, “Today is a really, really dark day for women in the US. I’m just going to say that because I can’t bear to think about it any longer.”

Her sentiment was echoed by pop star Olivia Rodrigo, who told the crowd before her own performance, “I’m devastated and terrified that so many women and so many girls are going to die because of this. I wanted to dedicate this next song to the five members of the Supreme Court who have showed us that at the end of the day, they truly don’t give a s*** about freedom.”

Americans are very split over the Supreme Court’s decision, with a large percentage of the population declaring their intention to protest until abortion access rights are codified by Congress nationwide. The ruling did not restrict abortion, but allowed individual states to decide their own policies on the matter barring a ruling from the US Congress.

Do you think musicians and bands like Green Day are serious about ditching the US over the ruling? Do you think their public pressure campaign will lead to Congress making abortion access into a national right?

Green Day Singer Renounced American Citizenship Over Roe v Wade

Joel Bailey

Joel Bailey is a social commentator and writer at the Next News Network. He graduated from Fisher College in Boston, Massachusetts and was adopted from Africa. He is proof of the American dream and learned conservative values at a young age.
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