For Now Abortions May Continue in Texas

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When the Supreme Court of the United States overturned Roe v. Wade on June 24, 2022, it sent the decision regarding whether or not women could choose to have an abortion back to the individual states. Texas already had a ban in place, from 1929, and many wondered what would happen to it, since it was taken off the books decades ago but never formally repealed.

On the Monday after the Supreme Court issued its decision some abortion providers filed suit against “the handful of local district attorneys whose jurisdictions cover the locations of some of their clinics, as well as against some state officials, including Attorney General Ken Paxton,” who intends to enforce the ban. He even declared that going forward every June 24 will be an agency holiday, to celebrate the decision.

The next day, the Texas state court in Harris County where Houston lies, issued a restraining order until July 12. The restraining order will allow some abortion clinics in Texas to resume performing the procedure for now, for women up to six weeks into their pregnancy. “This decision will allow abortion services to resume at many clinics across the state, connecting Texans to the essential health care they need,” Marc Hearron, senior counsel at the Center for Reproductive Rights, a plaintiff in the case, said in a statement. “Every hour that abortion is accessible in Texas is a victory.”

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A “trigger law” is also set to go into place in Texas that bans abortions at the moment of fertilization except in rare cases to save the life of a pregnant patient or prevent “substantial impairment of major bodily function.” The trigger law is set to go into place 30 days after the Supreme Court’s June 24 decision.

Many prosecutors across the country have stated or implied that they will not prosecute abortions, something they have the discretion to do in Texas. Even a Texas Sheriff has now said he will not pursue anyone in his jurisdiction who chooses to have an abortion. Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar, whose jurisdiction includes San Antonio wrote on Facebook, “As [his daughters’] Dad, I have no control over their adult bodies. As their sheriff, it is absolutely none of my business. I will not persecute Texas women or anyone else pursuing those same rights,” Salazar stated.

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It seems like liberals are doing whatever they can to instill utter chaos into the issue of abortion. Prosecutors have said they won’t prosecute and judges are ordering stays of laws banning abortion. Ultimately, what do you think will happen?

Stacey Warner

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