Pete Buttigieg Announces $1 Billion Anti-Racist Roads Program

Pete Buttigieg announced his plans to build anti-racist infrastructure across the country.
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Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigeig proudly launched a $1 billion initiative in Birmingham, Alabama, on Thursday, to “fund transportation connections for places disconnected or damaged by the transportation policies of the past.”

It’s called the Reconnecting Communities Program and is a program to to build anti-racist infrastructure to rebuild communities that were “racially segregated or divided by road projects.”

They are talking about neighborhoods that were harmed by roadways that were built through Black communities and low income communities in the 1950s.

Projects included in the program will be bus transit lines, caps built on top of highways, building bike lanes and walkways, and repurposing former rail lines and highways.

Buttigieg gave his speech next to Black leaders from Birmingham and discussed the potential use of Billion dollars in the program to help people.

“Transportation can connect us to jobs, services and loved ones, but we’ve also seen countless cases around the country where a piece of infrastructure cuts off a neighborhood or a community because of how it was built,” Buttigieg announced.

“We can’t ignore the basic truth: that some of the planners and politicians behind those projects built them directly through the heart of vibrant populated communities,” Buttigieg then said. 

He then expounded by going after critics of the program.” There is nothing sacred about the status quo” when it comes to roads and bridges, he said.

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The Transportation Department has made it a goal to help communities that may have been harmed by highways.

DeSantis has dismissed the “woke” claims saying, “There’s trees they’re putting in, they’re saying that highways are racially discriminatory. I don’t know how a road can be that.”

This is just more wokeness from the Biden admin. At a time when Americans are hurting, the Biden administration is fighting the inherent racism of roads. It shows just how out touch they are with mainstream America. Do you think the Biden administration represents you well?

Pete Buttigieg Announces $1 Billion Anti-Racist Roads Program

Joel Bailey

Joel Bailey is a social commentator and writer at the Next News Network. He graduated from Fisher College in Boston, Massachusetts and was adopted from Africa. He is proof of the American dream and learned conservative values at a young age.
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