Bannon to Talk to J6 Committee After Trump Waives Executive Privilege

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President Trump’s former campaign manager turned advisor to the president Steve Bannon has agreed to testify to the January 6th Select Committee.

The seismic change from the Trump’s former right hand man happened this weekend after the ex-President decided to waive Bannon’s executive privilege.

Up until this point the former editor of Breitbart News had claimed he is unable to testify to the committee because the ex-President exerted executive privilege over the testimony.

Donald Trump officially agreed to waive the executive privilege in a letter that conditioned the waiver on Bannon reached an agreement to testify.

Steve Bannon’s team almost immediately sent their own email to the January 6th Select Committee expressing his desire to testify while also excorciating them for refusing to extend his time to produce documents by another week and voting to find Bannon in Criminal Contempt.

The letter read, “Mr. Bannon has not had a change of posture or of heart.”

“Mr. Bannon has always been consistent, that because President Trump invoked executive privilege with respect to Mr. Bannon’s testimony and the production of requested documents, Mr. Bannon was obligated to honor the President’s invocation, unless and until, either your Committee reached a constitutionally required accommodation with President Trump as to the invocation of executive privilege or your Committee obtained a ruling from the Federal District Court that the invocation of executive privilege was improper or did not apply to the particular question or document sought.”

“I consistently informed you that if either of those events took place, Mr. Bannon would comply with the decision.”

They also attached a copy of former President Trump’s letter waiving his executive privilege over Bannon.

It is still unclear what the Committee is hoping to find through Steve Bannon, who had supposedly been fired from the White House after just 7 months in the position for directing Trump’s response to the Unite the Right Rally. Bannon claims he resigned willingly and never planned on staying, something that’s been dispute by Trump’s then Chief-of-Staff John Kelly.

Steve Bannon was arrested in late 2020 on federal charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and money laundering for his affiliation with the “Build the Wall” fundraising campaign, which claimed the money would go to help build the Southern Border Wall. He was released on $5 million bail and was pardoned by Trump on his final day in office.

With the above timeline, it’s hard to see what Bannon’s role in the January 6th Riots could have possibly been. Trump had been publicly distancing himself from his former advisor since his firing and even more so after his arrest. Do you think the ex- White House Strategist actually has important information the President doesn’t want getting out?

Bannon to Talk to J6 Committee After Trump Waives Executive Privilege

Joel Bailey

Joel Bailey is a social commentator and writer at the Next News Network. He graduated from Fisher College in Boston, Massachusetts and was adopted from Africa. He is proof of the American dream and learned conservative values at a young age.
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