San Francisco Has a New DA Who Says She Will Undo Her Liberal Predecesor’s Criminal Justice Reforms

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In June, the District Attorney of San Francisco, Chesa Boudin, was officially recalled. The citizens of the city were sick and tired of his criminal justice “reforms” that led to increased crime in the city such that no one felt safe anymore. One person, Brooke Jenkins, helped get him out and has now replaced him.

Brooke Jenkins used to work in the prosecutor’s office. She initially was supportive of Boudin but ultimately she resigned in frustration, reports NBC Bay Area. Upon her resignation, she went to work trying to get Boudin recalled.

The Mayor of San Francisco, London Breed, appointed Jenkins to the position of District Attorney last week. “After a long process, which included several meetings with community members, business owners, and attorneys, I am confident that there is no one better to serve as District Attorney than Brooke Jenkins. She is someone who has the necessary experience to lead this department and from personal experience, understands both sides of the criminal justice system,” said Breed.

Jenkins has until November, then will have to face an election. When she worked for Boudin, she “accus[ed] him of mismanagement and argu[ed] that his policies were allowing criminals to escape punishment.”

At a press conference after her appointment, Jenkins said, “[a]s your next district attorney, I will restore accountability and consequences to our criminal justice system here in San Francisco.” Among her goals, she said she plans to end open-air drug markets in the city, prosecute hate crimes against Asian Americans and focus on property crimes.

“As your next district attorney, I will restore accountability and consequences to our criminal justice system here in San Francisco. Violence and repeat offenders will no longer be allowed to victimize our city without consequences. Hate crimes will no longer be tolerated,” Jenkins said. “We are a city of second chances, but the truth is we have to draw a line with people who choose hate, violence and a life of crime.”

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Coddling criminals does nothing but increase crime. Liberals might have good intentions when they want to reform the criminal justice system, but their methods are misguided. Any good parent knows that children need to be held accountable for their actions. If they are not, they never learn right from wrong. It’s no different with adults who prey on others. What do you think of Brooke Jenkins? Can she help San Francisco?

Stacey Warner

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