Man Who Threatened Senator Ted Cruz Released On Bond

The man on the left allegedly threatened the man on the right's life, but was released on a personal recognizance bond and then skipped court
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There has been a lot of violence in America lately. Mass shootings and out-of-control crime in our cities. Liberal criminal justice “reforms” allow criminals to walk our streets, free to do what they want. One has threatened a United States Senator, and yet he walks free.

Twenty-two-year-old Isaac Nformangum has allegedly made threatening remarks to Republican Senator Ted Cruz in telephone messages. He was charged but then released by a court on a personal recognizance bond. This means that he didn’t have to pay any money, but merely promise that he would appear in court at his next scheduled hearing.

The phone message Nformangum allegedly left begins, “Hello and good afternoon Senator Rafael. This is one of the many Afro-American constituents of whom you are representative of here in Texas, as you currently serve from the Senate.” 

He goes on to talk about the Republican platform taking away his voting rights, and then it turns scary. He allegedly says, “Every last one of your Republican colleagues to have signed off on that platform is to be found, and is to be found and killed, be it by a bullet to the face or by the smashing of a brick in your skull.” 

He allegedly finished his threats by saying, “It is a civic duty of every American citizen or resident to see to it that every last one of your colleagues is to be killed. Killed. Be it by finding you in a public space or by trailing you to your very, by your very public homes.”

Nformangum, who was charged with a felony of Terroristic Threat was released on July 3.  The recognizance bond didn’t work, as Nformangum failed to appear in court as “promised” last Friday. He is now a wanted man, and Harris County has issued a warrant for his arrest.

One person tweeted this about the situation: “Man Who Made Threatening Phone Call to Ted Cruz Nowhere to Be Found After Skipping Court: [If anyone threatened a DemocRAT NO Bail would be set]”

Have you seen the almost fully intact baby wooly mammoth that was recently found near Alaska?

The legal analyst in the Fox 26 video states that in Texas the constitution requires that the accused get a bond. That may be true, but does everyone who threatens a sitting U.S. Senator get a personal recognizance bond? That seems doubtful. Is Senator Cruz in danger?

Stacey Warner

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