NBC Panelist Wishes Death Upon Trump: “Hoping He Dies”

An NBC panelist said they are just waiting on Trump to "die."
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During a panel on MSNBC’s Meet the Press hosted by Chuck Todd, one of the panelists, Mark Leibovich, said that Democrats have no plan to defeat Donald Trump and they are just hoping that he dies.

It was one of those thoughts that was better left unsaid -especially on national television.

Mark Leibovich said during a segment on the panel, “Look we have no plan for this, except sitting around hoping [Trump] dies.”

During the interview, one of the panelists says, “Look, I think there is a about a 50% chance he doesn’t run, but very likely he’s in…”

They talking heads began arguing until they were interrupted by Leibovich and said “we have no plan for this except sitting around hoping he dies.”

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Leibovich is currently a staff writer at the Atlantic and has worked for the New York Times and wrote Time Magazine’s “Your Fellow Americans” column about politics among other things.

According to Radar Online, Chuck Todd has had a recent ratings slump since he took over the Sunday morning show at MSNBC. It’s the longest running show in television history and has now recorded its lowest quarter ever over April-May-June under Todd’s purview.

The anchor peaked to 4 million viewers in 2017 during Trump’s presidency, but now that he cannot bash him anymore, his ratings have fallen to just 2.4 million. He’s also lost the coveted younger demographic of 25-54 year old’s. It seems the anti-Trump sentiment has dried up now that we have President Joe Biden in office.

Do you think Chuck Todd should lose his position at MSNBC? He’s in ratings freefall. It doesn’t look like they can keep this up. It’s been a trend to see the most rabid anti-Trumpers suffer a ratings collapse during Biden’s presidency. That’s probably why he’s pushing statements like this guy said. Do you ever watch MSNBC? Let us know your thoughts.

NBC Panelist Wishes Death Upon Trump: “Hoping He Dies”

Joel Bailey

Joel Bailey is a social commentator and writer at the Next News Network. He graduated from Fisher College in Boston, Massachusetts and was adopted from Africa. He is proof of the American dream and learned conservative values at a young age.
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