Jan 6 Committee Releases Statement about Pat Cipollone’s Closed-Door Testimony

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The U.S. House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol, aka the January 6 Committee, has been meeting and having “hearings” since July 2021. Nothing much has come out of them, but they keep on going, likely in the hopes that, eventually, they will find that smoking gun. Their star witness, Cassidy Hutchinson, spoke little but hearsay. Now, the committee has released a statement about what former White House attorney Pat Cipollone had to say.

Courtesy of NextNewsNetwork via Youtube.com

Cassidy Hutchinson had a lot to say about interactions with Pat Cipollone. This is why the committee was so interested in hearing from Cipollone himself. There was a lot of speculation that Cippolone would invoke privilege regarding his testimony. According to a statement from House Select Committee spokesman Tim Mulvey, however, that wasn’t the case. He said, “[i]n our interview with Mr. Cipollone, the Committee received critical testimony on nearly every major topic in its investigation, reinforcing key points regarding Donald Trump’s misconduct and providing highly relevant new information that will play a central role in its upcoming hearings.” He added, “[t]his includes information demonstrating Donald Trump’s supreme dereliction of duty.”

Courtesy of CBS News via YouTube.com

Rep. Stephanie Murphy, a member of the January 6 Committee, discussed Pat Cipollone’s testimony on Meet the Press Sunday. When asked if Cipollone confirmed what Cassidy Hutchinson said, she was evasive. She said they both told accounts of the same discussions but pointed out that a year and a half has passed for both of them.

The committee wants the American people to think that Cipollone had really important testimony, but one of their members more or less says that Cipollone’s testimony didn’t match that of Cassidy Hutchinson. As the saying goes, they need to put up or shut up, and it doesn’t look like the committee has anything to put up still, after a full year of trying.

Stacey Warner

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