American Airlines Delays Flight 5 Hours Then Tells Passengers They Must Deplane Because Crew Had Timed Out

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If you travel a lot, or at all, these days, you know what a nightmare it can be. Airlines don’t have enough pilots and other staff. Scheduling is a huge problem. And all too often, you will have at least a delay and maybe even a cancellation.

On a recent American Airlines flight, the passengers had a real ordeal. Not only were they delayed for five hours, according to one passenger, but once they had boarded the plane, they were told to get back off.

Sheila Gray had flown back to the United States from Rome. She was in Charlotte, North Carolina, trying to get home to Boston. “All I wanted was to get home to my bed. I had been up for 24 hours at this point and the deplaning was just the straw that broke the camel’s back,” Gray said.

She was delayed in Charlotte, because “the plane was in a hanger being repaired,” the gate agent told her. When the passengers were finally all loaded onto the plane and ready to go, the pilot told them they all had to deplane. She said he announced that “the crew has timed out and couldn’t fly.”

Gray said “People were angry and yelling at the gate agents. One irate gentleman in the gate area was later escorted off the plane after we reboarded. I did not hear him causing a commotion on the plane but had seen him after we were taken off the plane.”

According to Gray, the flight attendants and gate agents were great but everyone was upset at the pilot, who, she said, must have known the crew was about to “time out.”

And here’s what’s really going on in the airline industry:

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It’s not just American Airlines having the issue, it’s all the airlines. Pilots have been picketing and the whole thing just seems like chaos. Do you travel often? What kind of issues have you experienced? Does Buttigieg need to act?

Stacey Warner

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