Olympic Medalist Beaten By Homeless Man in Los Angeles

Olympic medalist Kim Glass beaten by homeless man in broad daylight in Los Angeles
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It seems like every day there’s a new story about violent crime in California. There’s currently a manhunt for a killer in a string of armed robberies at 7-Elevens there and California voters are either ousting or working on ousting, the District Attorneys in Los Angeles and San Francisco because of the increased crime due to their progressive policies.

Olympic Medalist Kim Glass was leaving lunch with a friend recently when she was approached by a homeless man. She said the man ran up and that he had something in his hand.

She said he looked at her with “some pretty hateful eyes.” She said before she knew it, he had flung a big metal pipe at her, hitting her in her face. This happened in a matter of moments, she explained.

The hashtag #streetpeopleoflosangeles commented on the video, saying “twenty bucks says this dangerous mentally ill homeless man is released within 72 hours. Got to love our policies.”

Whoever is running @streetpeopleoflosangeles is doing a good job of chronicling the crime in Los Angeles. Here are just a few: “Repost from #StreetPeopleOfLosAngeles • Mail thieves caught on tape at a Woodland Hills apartment building using a crow bar to get into all the mailboxes and clean them out. Relaxed, taking their sweet time because it’s LA and no one cares.”

“Repost from @streetpeopleoflosangeles • Broad daylight fatal shooting on Melrose today. Word on the street is they wanted his shoes. stillbrazy”

“Knife fight on the Venice Boardwalk in front of the Cadillac Hotel Homeless Shelter @LAPDPacific @LAPDPacificDivi @mikebonin @streetpeopleLA @TraciParkforLA @StJosephCtr @LACoSheriff @BonninMike @VeniceIntel @DyingVenice @SoledadUrsua @LAPDChiefMoore

The person who runs the Twitter page Street People of Los Angeles describes the city as a third world country and says “I have hundreds maybe even thousands of pictures and videos of the same misery all across the city[.]”

One person tweeted this truth in response to Street People of Los Angeles: “Progressives ruin cities.”

If anyone wonders what liberal policies do, they need look no further than Los Angeles and San Francisco. There’s a good reason the people of those cities want the progressive District Attorneys out: their policies are destroying those places. Would you ever consider living in California?

Stacey Warner

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