Whoopi Goldberg Angry at Paper Who Released Uvalde Video

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The View host Whoopi Goldberg flipped out on a Texas newspaper who released new footage of the Uvalde elementary school shooting.

Earlier this week the Austin American Statesman newspaper released a leaked 77 minute video of the incident. In the new video you can clearly see police officers doing nothing as a gunman slaughtered children in the school as well as a scene of the gunman storming through the school shooting children while police on the scene run away from him instead of engaging.

While many people found the video enlightening, especially considering the city of Uvalde’s insistence to hide the facts, Goldberg did not agree.

“Many parents of victims are outraged this was released, but the paper is defending their decision. I find it indefensible,” Goldberg said.

She continued by criticizing the newspaper over the graphic nature of the unedited release, saying , “I’m sorry, you forgot that attached to all those sounds are people’s children. And you didn’t have to do this. They were going to see this video on Sunday, you did not have to release this and leak it. I think it’s appalling and you should be ashamed of yourselves for doing that. For being thoughtless about the parents who have to relive this every day because it’s on television.”

Whoopi added, “I don’t know if you guys over at that newspaper have kids, but shame on you. I know it doesn’t mean anything coming from me, but shame on you.”

Not everyone on the show agreed with Goldberg’s view on not releasing the video. Sunny Hostin proposed that the video should have been made public because its so enlightening but noted that the paper should have given the parents of the victims a heads-up first.

Goldberg was unhappy with this explanation, firing back, “Take the sound out. They didn’t need to leave the gunshots in. What the hell!”

Guest co-host Juju Chang then jumped in to defend Hostin by reiterating her point of releasing the video with a notification to the families first.

Not someone to back down, Whoopi ended her argument by saying, “These are real people. These are real children that died, and I understand everything you’re saying, but you should’ve taken the sound out. You can still hear the shooting.”

Many people appreciate the release of the footage that showed multiple officers failing to do their duties and fleeing instead. Do you think Whoopi Goldberg is right that the paper should have edited it down before releasing it?

Whoopi Goldberg Angry at Paper Who Released Uvalde Video

Joel Bailey

Joel Bailey is a social commentator and writer at the Next News Network. He graduated from Fisher College in Boston, Massachusetts and was adopted from Africa. He is proof of the American dream and learned conservative values at a young age.
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