4 Year Old Child Shoots At Police Officers At McDonald’s

4 year old shoots at police with his dad's gun
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Back in the day, most people respected law enforcement. Now, too many do not. Even young children are learning to believe that police officers are enemies and treating them with disdain. One 4-year-old child in Utah even shot at some police officers.

Body camera video has been released that shows what happened when a four-year-old child shot at police officers in Midvale, Utah. The child was with his father at Mcdonald’s when the father became upset over his food order.

According to officials from the Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake, 27-year-old Sadaat Johnson began arguing with employees at Mcdonald’s around 1:30 p.m. Employees say that during the argument, Johnson brandished a weapon. The employees asked Johnson to pull up while they fixed his order, and then they called 911.

What happened when officers arrived was caught on dashcam video. The video shows the first arriving officers approach Johnson’s vehicle and order him to get out. Johnson rolls down the window and is then pulled from the car.

During the struggle to get Johnson into custody an officer can be heard yelling “gun, gun, gun,” followed by a single gunshot. Another officer yells “shots fired” and then “drop the gun!” Then, an officer yells “kid, kid, kid!”

There were children in the backseat, which officers evacuated to the McDonald’s. One of the children, the 4-year-old, is who fired the single shot.

The four-year-old told an officer who was waiting with him why he shot the gun. She wrote in her report, “The male child on his own free will began talking to me. The male child told me “I grabbed my dad’s gun and tried to shoot the police so he could be free and do what he wanted,” the officer wrote in the report.

The father was later convicted of child abuse and assault. He admitted that his four-year-old had handled the gun before.

In another recent incident in Minnesota, some toddlers can be seen punching and kicking some police officers. They also swear at them and make fun of one of the officers about his shoes.

While police are not perfect and there are some bad apples, most have the good intention to protect and serve. They deserve respect and that used to be taught. Not anymore, it seems. Are the parents of these babies abusing their kids by teaching this sort of conduct?

Stacey Warner

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