“Beautiful Women” Russia’s Strange Ad to Recruit Foreigners

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The Kremlin greenlit a new ad to help recruit foreigners to move to Russia while the country is subject to crippling sanctions from around the globe.

While the intentions of the ad are clear, the actual reasons the government chose to use to entice people to the country have been widely mocked online.

The video, which is entirely in English, opens with a gravely voiced narrator who sounds like a discount version of the classic movie announcer voice often used for parodies.

The video then shows a series of stock footage of Russia, bragging about things like Russian cuisine. It then shifts to claiming the country is known for beautiful women, strangely showing 2 very young girls when the claim is made before an older, age-appropriate woman comes up on the screen.

The Kremlin didn’t stop there, however, digging into current global crises that they believe Russia is immune to. They list both “cheap gas, no cancel culture” as reasons to move to their country. Russia controls a significant amount of gasoline production in Europe, although the claim of “no cancel culture” seems less justified in a country that punishes political dissent.

The video then makes the shocking claim that Russia has “an economy that can withstand thousands of sanctions” despite Russian President Vladimir Putin admitting just last week that their economy was being heavily impacted by those same sanctions.

The internet was quick to mock the advertisement on social media.

One user posted a hilarious parody of the Russian ad, mocking all of their claims.

Another Twitter user commented on a pro-Russian propagandist’s praise of the video, asking “Who in their right mind would move to Russia and live under dictatorship?”

A third user blasted the video, noting a significant amount of Ukrainian material in it that they claimed was Russian as well as the fact that they claimed diversity while showing almost exclusively white people in the ad.

Whether Russia is trying to mock the United States or is actually desperate to bring new blood into their country is unclear. What do you think the real reason for the video is? Do you think it will convince anyone?

“Beautiful Women” Russia’s Strange Ad to Recruit Foreigners

Joel Bailey

Joel Bailey is a social commentator and writer at the Next News Network. He graduated from Fisher College in Boston, Massachusetts and was adopted from Africa. He is proof of the American dream and learned conservative values at a young age.
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