Is Pennsylvania Democrat U.S. Senate nominee John Fetterman a “Blue Collar” Fake?

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Democrat Senate candidate from Pennsylvania John Fetterman has advertised himself as a “blue-collar tough guy,” but it’s been revealed that he’s been living off his parents for years. Now, his Republican opponent Dr. Oz is coming after him for his dishonesty.

According to Breitbart:

Pennsylvania Democrat U.S. Senate nominee John Fetterman’s “blue collar” image is being called into question after reports revealed he lived off of his parents’ money well into his mid-40s.

Although Fetterman runs ads that purport him to be a “blue collar tough guy,” his parents reportedly financially supported him while he served as mayor of Braddock, Pennsylvania, for 13 years.

[I]n 2015, his parents gave him $54,000, which he disclosed during his failed 2016 Senate candidacy, according to the Pennsylvania Inquirer. Both of his parents provided he and his wife four $13,500 gifts, totaling $54,000, which was just below the $14,000 threshold for taxable gifts at the time.

Fox News reports:

Fetterman was hailed by a voter as “our blue collar tough guy,” a phrase that Fetterman has used in ads and [Republican opponent Mehmet] Oz claims is false advertising from the Democratic candidate.

Oz campaign communications director Brittany Yanick [said], Here are facts: John Fetterman was living off of Daddy’s money until he was 46. During this period, he failed to pay his taxes 67 times. Now, he’s running for Senate, and wants to raise your taxes by trillions and spend billions more than even Biden. John Fetterman knows how to tweet, but apparently not how to type We suggest he take lessons in between his rush to get from one non-existent public event to the next[.]

Politicians tend to stretch the truth. They usually get away with it, too. Fetterman’s ad makes him look like a Pennsylvania blue-collar man when he’s really had a silver spoon in his mouth. Will this hurt him?

Stacey Warner

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