A North Carolina County’s Schools Now Have AR15s For Protection

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People react differently to mass shootings. Some march to get rid of all guns, while some push for more guns and ammunition for protection. One North Carolina county took the second path. Let’s see what they did.

USA Today reports:

A North Carolina sheriff’s office has placed locked-up AR-15 rifles on a school district’s six campuses as an added security measure for the coming school year in response to the Uvalde, Texas, mass school shooting. 

“Hopefully we’ll never need it, but I want my guys to be as prepared as prepared can be,” Madison County Sheriff Buddy Harwood said. 

If an active-shooter situation occurs, the sheriff’s office has stored semi-automatic weapons in locked safes at each Madison County school. The safes also contain extra magazines, ammunition and breaching tools, Harwood said. 

“In the event we have someone barricaded in a door, we won’t have to wait on the fire department,” he added. “We’ll have those tools to be able to breach that door if needed. I do not want to have to run back out to the car to grab an AR, because that’s time lost.”

There are certain to be plenty of people opposed to this idea. Of course, of critical importance is that no one ever gets the key to any of those locked gun safes that is not supposed to have it. Just having those weapons inside those schools could deter anyone from ever trying a mass shooting there. Do you think putting AR15s inside schools is a good idea?

Stacey Warner

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