Trump-Hater CHRIS WALLACE Learns Which CONSERVATIVE SUPERSTAR will Replace Him On Fox News

Trump-Hater CHRIS WALLACE Learns Which CONSERVATIVE SUPERSTAR will Replace Him On Fox News
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Fox News Sunday is about to get a whole lot better as Shannon Bream is headlining the segment.

After Chris Wallace’s departure to CNN, Fox News has been looking for a host to fill his little shoes, and they found one.

Daily wire writes. A number of hosts have auditioned for the role since longtime host Chris Wallace left the network last December to join CNN+, CNN’s short-lived streaming service. The Sunday morning show has been a flagship for the network for nearly three decades, and Bream will be the first female permanent host. For 18 years, Wallace hosted the show.

Bream said in a statement, “It has been an honor to cover major news throughout Washington over the last 15 years at Fox News. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to host a Sunday show and look forward to this new role,” 

BRIDGE. Shannon Bream has decades of experience in journalism, and has been a fair and accurate reporter.

Variety reported. During her time at Fox News, Bream has interviewed newsmakers including Justice Neil Gorsuch, First Lady Jill Biden, and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. She provided viewers with real-time reports during the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February and March of this year. Since joining the network in 2007, Bream has also served as the network’s chief legal correspondent and covered every major Supreme Court decision.

Chris Wallace did not leave big shoes to fill when he left Fox for CNN. But Shannon Bream has done a wonderful job for Fox over the years and I’m sure she will continue to do so.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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