LA is DOOMED: Criminals Celebrate After Recall FAILS

LA is DOOMED: Criminals Celebrate After Recall FAILS
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LA county is a criminals haven, and the best effort to fix it has failed.

Los Angeles County has been a living hell for its residents for a very long time. Rampant crime, homelessness, and other major problems have plagued the area. Residents saw a way to hopefully correct their area’s lawlessness, and sprung into action. Yet, despite their best efforts it seems the establishment political machine stopped them.

Townhall reports. Los Angeles County Registrar announced on Monday that the voter recall effort against controversial District Attorney George Gascon failed to meet the minimum number of valid signatures. Almost 200,000 of the 715,000 signatures collected by the recall campaign were invalid, according to County Clerk Dean Logan. Signatures are considered invalid if they have duplicate signatures, different addresses, mismatched signatures, or addresses outside Los Angeles County. A total of 9,000 signatures were rejected for “other” reasons.

Gascon has been strongly criticized in the past for his failed policies, and rampant crime.

Fox News wrote. Several violent criminals have been released in Los Angeles County recently, sparking enough outrage to form an initiative to recall Gascon, which organizers say has enough signatures to appear on the ballot in November. The second top aide to leave Gascon’s office in recent months is Alisa Blair, a key deputy adviser.

It seems that no relief is in site from the idiotic polcies put into place in LA County, and that repeat offenders will be released from jail. When will the liberals learn that their policies, while sounding altruistic on paper, actually hurt people in real life. 

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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