MAJOR Trump Victory Coming If Federal Judge SPANKS Garland EXPOSING SECRET AFFIDAVIT

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Justice Department officials are trying to keep Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home raid search warrant affidavit sealed. After a court filing, however, Merick Garland might be forced to come forward and expose the real reason publicly.

According to the Justice Department, unsealing the affidavit would compromise its “ongoing criminal investigation” in a national security case.

NBC News reports that the government, former president Donald Trump, his supporters, and the news media are going to fight over the decision to unseal the affidavit that feds used to justify a search warrant for Mar-a-Lago.

Trump and his Republican allies are calling the unprecedented search a major example of government overreach and demanding that the justification be made public, while the Department of Justice is arguing against unsealing the document for fear of jeopardizing an ongoing criminal investigation. Media companies, meanwhile, have urged the document’s disclosure due to the public’s “clear and powerful interest in understanding what happened.”

It all comes down to tomorrow.

The New York Post reports that in a hearing scheduled for Thursday, the Epstein-Obama-connected federal judge who approved the raid on the Florida home of former President Donald Trump will decide whether or not to release the search warrant affidavit describing the purpose of the search.

Judge Bruce Reinhart, who represented Jeffrey Epstein and likely knows his client list, announced Tuesday that he will hold a hearing in person in West Palm Beach during which the Justice Department will argue against disclosing the document.

There are nearly a dozen news organizations seeking more information about the unprecedented raid on the 45th president, including Judicial Watch.

Tomorrow is going to be a big day. Now, the justice department has two trump cards to play here. Generally, courts defer to the concerns of the federal government regarding classified information, but this affidavit is sealed to maintain the integrity of an ongoing investigation. In the end, it may be hard for media organizations and Donald Trump to get this affidavit unsealed. Regardless, say a prayer that Merick Garland is forced to expose the real reason publicly.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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