Are you safe? DEA Issues WARNING About “Rainbow Fentanyl” Pouring Across Southern Border

Are you safe? DEA Issues WARNING About "Rainbow Fentanyl" Pouring Across Southern Border
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In a statement released today, the DEA is calling on all levels of government to crack down on the flow of drugs coming in from Mexico. A new drug has been identified and it is deadly. The DEA stressed that we need a comprehensive plan with strong partnerships and coordination between federal, state, local law enforcement agencies as well border patrol personnel who will work together under one command center-type structure for this entire effort so it can be more efficient than ever before. This new drug is a serious threat to public safety and we cannot allow it to enter our country. Joe Biden needs to act now before thousands more innocent people die.

A new drug has been spreading into America and it could be in a city near you.

Fox News Reports, “Rainbow fentanyl” is spreading across Oregon, Idaho, and the West Coast, according to the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

Chris Gibson, director of the DEA’s Oregon-Idaho high-intensity drug trafficking area, spoke Thursday on “Fox & Friends First” about the latest revelations of fentanyl spreading throughout the nation.

Authorities have seized a bag of powdered fentanyl from a home in Portland, and warn that it may be making its way across the West Coast.

The deputies discovered body armor, $5,000 in cash, nine stolen guns, and drugs. Drugs included meth, heroin, 800 pills of fentanyl, and four grams of powdered fentanyl, often referred to as “rainbow fentanyl.”

To control the influx of drugs from the southern border, Gibson suggested stopping the drug directly from its source.

Stopping the flow at its source is likely to be extremely difficult, especially with Bidens open borders

CBP reported 199,976 encounters along the southwest land border in July. According to CBP, there were 207,416 encounters in June, a four percent decrease from the previous month.

Over 4.2 MILLION illegal immigrants have crossed the border since Biden took office, according to RNC Research on Twitter.

The Biden administration continues to downplay the crisis despite record high numbers from CBP. DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas recently insisted that the border is secure.

Courtesy of the NBC via YouTube

America is under siege. Every day, hundreds of illegal immigrants pour across our southern border, and with them come drugs that are destroying communities and claimIng the lives of countless Americans. Yet the Biden administration shows no signs of taking this crisis seriously. Instead, they are more concerned with creating a false narrative that everything is under control. This neglect will have deadly consequences. Drug overdoses are already at an all-time high, and as more drugs pour into the country, that number is only going to increase. When will the Biden administration wake up and take action? Lives are at stake.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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