Dems DESPERATE to SPIN Newest Spending Package in Order to Justify Billions of Nonsense Funding 

Dems DESPERATE to SPIN Newest Spending Package in Order to Justify Billions of Nonsense Funding
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 I’m going to show you how the Democrats are desperate to spin their newly-signed spending package in order to justify billions of dollars in new government spending.

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The Democratic Party seems to be getting more and more desperate as the midterms approach. After passing and President Biden signing a new spending package into law that authorizes billions of dollars in new government spending, they’re doing everything they can to spin it in a positive light. But the truth is, this bill is terrible for taxpayers and will only lead to more wasteful government spending.

According to FOX News, Congressional Democrats are trying to rebrand their $739 billion climate change and tax bill as an effort to boost energy independence.

Democrats and House Majority PAC – the largest outside political group working to keep Speaker Nancy Pelosi in power – have adopted a new tone in a series of new campaign ads. The ads claim that Democrats have used their narrow control of Congress to pass-party line legislation to boost energy independence.

Climate change subsidies amount to $369 billion in the bill, which was reached after months of intraparty negotiations between West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin and Democratic Majority Charles Schumer.

A majority of the money is set aside for clean energy incentives and tax credits for electric vehicles – which rely on minerals controlled by China and other foreign countries. By investing in domestic fossil fuel alternatives, Democrats claim the bill will boost energy independence.

Meanwhile, according to Forbes, A new Morning Consult poll suggests that 57% of voters believe the Inflation Reduction Act will either have no impact on inflation or worsen it, suggesting that the package won’t actually help.

Democrats are trying to spin their spending package as a boost for energy independence, despite the fact that it will do nothing to address high gasoline prices. The bill includes billions of dollars in subsidies for renewable energy, while doing nothing to help America’s oil and gas industry. This is simply another example of Democrats trying to pull the wool over the American people’s eyes.

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