Ex-CIA Director Just Compared the GOP To The Worst Terrorists in the World

Ex-CIA Director Just Compared the GOP To The Worst Terrorists in the World
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The United States‘ image as a reliable ally is slipping abroad due to the recent report that foreign leaders are wary of trusting America’s security apparatus. Wait until you see what this former intel officer said about Republicans

American hegemony is slipping and a new report explains why

The Daily Wire reports. In a new report, foreign leaders are cautious about trusting the U.S. security apparatus because of faulty information manipulated by the political elite.

In the opinion of a former member of the intelligence community, Republicans are worse than Islamic extremists.

Our country’s allies doubted U.S. intelligence that Russia would invade Ukraine due to a number of previous failures such as “emphatic U.S. claims regarding Iraq intelligence.” Biden and the Pentagon, according to others, overestimated Afghan government resilience as the U.S. military retreated, only for the government to collapse in days as the Taliban took power.

According to François Heisbourg, a security expert and veteran advisor to French officials, “American intelligence is not generally regarded as reliable.”. “American intelligence is prone to political manipulation.”

Prior to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, State Department spokesperson Edward Price got into a heated exchange with a reporter.

Courtesy of CNN via YouTube

It appears that Heisbourg’s concerns have manifested themselves this week as a result of General Michael Hayden, former head of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the National Security Administration (NSA).

Hayden wants you to believe that the current Republican Party — which represents roughly 28% of registered voters — is the most “nihilistic, dangerous & contemptible” force that he has ever seen. He agreed with a journalist who said as much Wednesday evening.

Friday evening, Financial Times Associate Editor Edward Luce tweeted, “I’ve covered extremism and violent ideologies around the world over my career. Have never come across a political force more nihilistic, dangerous & contemptible than today’s Republicans. Nothing close.” Hayden responded, “I agree,”

In reaction to the general’s claim, Green Beret and Virginia state delegate Nick Freitas retorted, “Really General? Worse than the Taliban? Worse than Al Qaeda?” “Please explain,” he continued. “Specifically to those of us who were sent all over the world to fight these groups based on intelligence your agency provided. You owe us at least that much you arrogant ass.”

Journalist Matt Taibbi had a similar response.

It is a good question, but so far Hayden has not answered.

Hayden has not yet responded to this question.

Even if he doesn’t support droning Americans, we know he supports using the intelligence community to interfere with Americans’ lives. By using his résumé, he has cast doubt on accurate news stories that harm Democrats and Republicans.

In 2020, Hayden was one of 51 members of the vaunted intelligence community to sign a letter alleging that the New York Post’s story about Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop was Russian disinformation. The American people, as well as social media sites, believed that Hayden was acting in the interest of democracy when he made such claims.

It appears that those who signed the letter were only interested in protecting Democrats and thwarting Trump’s reelection. Intelligence community officials have not apologized for their bogus laptop letter.

It is stories like that — alongside the Russia hoax and more — which could explain why recent polling indicates that a majority of both Republicans and Independents “believe Trump’s political enemies are behind the FBI raid on President Trump’s private home.”

While our security experts don’t always get it right, comments like Hayden’s certainly don’t sow confidence at home or abroad.

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