NONPROFIT ROARS: Just Dropped a MASSIVE Attack on Dems with Billboards and TV Ads

NONPROFIT ROARS: Just Dropped a MASSIVE Attack on Dems with Billboards and TV Ads
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 I’m going to show you how a small nonprofit organization is making a big impact with some clever advertising. This conservative group is dedicated to fighting for conservative values. And now, they’re launching a massive attack campaign. The non-profit organization known as “Citizens for Sanity” is on to something that will have a huge impact come November. 

Over the past few weeks, the group has put up billboards in strategic locations and even released a TV ad meant to help the Democrats lose the upcoming midterm election in November. According to their website, Citizens for Sanity’s mission is “to return common sense to America, to highlight the importance of logic and reason, and to defeat “wokeism” and anti-critical thinking ideologies that have permeated every sector of our country and threaten the very freedoms that are foundational to the American Dream.”

In order to help wokeism go to die, as FL Governor Ron Desantis recently put it, Citizens for Sanity recently put up 3 billboards across the country. 

One billboard campaign that reads, “Protect Pregnant Men from Climate Discrimination” has been put up in the cities of Philadelphia, Chicago and Detroit.

Another billboard campaign that reads, “Open the jails. Open the borders. Close the schools. Vote progressive this November,” has been put up in the cities of Philadelphia and Atlanta.

And finally, a third billboard campaign reading, “Violent criminals deserve our compassion and respect. This fall, stand strong for progressive values,” has been installed in the cities of Atlanta, Long Beach, Philadelphia, and Detroit, 

As noted by POLITICO, the commercial portrays a transgender athlete competing in a women’s track meet and “handily defeating the competition.”

“Unfortunately, this competition was over before it even began,” the ad’s narrator says, calling out “Biden and his radical allies.” The ad continues, with the narrator saying, “Woke left-wing politicians are destroying girls’ sports.”

“The woke ideology of sheltered white liberals is a mortal threat to American liberty, security and prosperity,” Ian Prior, a strategic consultant to the nonprofit group said in a statement to POLITICO.

“Citizens for Sanity is not an ideological organization: we stand for reason, common sense, objectivity, equality, the neutral rule of law, and open scientific inquiry — everything the radical left now stands implacably against,” he added. “And we are using these messaging campaigns to alert Americans to the urgent need to defeat and repudiate woke insanity before it destroys America.”

We need more groups like Citizens for Sanity to help the GOP win the midterm elections this year and take back the House and Senate. With billboards towering over the most busy streets and expressways, people who have never voted before or have no intentions to vote may be inspired by the messaging and feel obligated to have their voice heard at the ballot box. 

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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