The Left is Eating Their Own! ‘#BoycottCNN’ Trends on Twitter after Brian Stelter is BOOTED off Set

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Brian Stelter, host of ‘Reliable Sources’ on CNN, signed off from the network one last time on Sunday – just days after it was revealed that his show was getting axed.

During his remarks on the show, Stelter thanked former CNN president Jeff Zucker as well as the network’s current boss, Chris Licht, however, the praise for Licht was very short lived as the host went on to tell viewers that they need to hold CNN and other news outlets accountable.

Many believe that Chris Licht, CNN’s new CEO, has been trying to steer the network in more of a “moderate” direction – hence the recent staffing and on-air changes.

Brian Stelter is the second casualty of the network after Licht took over earlier this year. We recently reported that Jeffrey Toobin, CNN’s legal analyst, announced last week that he would not be returning to the network. Additionally, according to the Daily Beast, Licht told staffers Friday that more changes are coming to CNN in wake of Brian Stelter’s exit.

Amid the staffing shakeup, Twitter users slammed CNN, even calling for a boycott of the network.

One user wrote, “Stopped watching them @CNN weeks ago. We don’t need more Republican lies pushed over the airwaves #BoycottCNN Switching to @MSNBC”

Another said, “#BoycottCNN They’ve gone all maga.”

However, as noted by, “all of the recent news to the changes at CNN ride alongside a ratings nosedive, with it plunging to less than half of its rival on Fox News and averaging just 787,000 this year. Stelter’s show struggled, however, in its ratings war with Fox News. Fox’s rival show, MediaBuzz, has averaged 1.5 million viewers this year, while Reliable Sources had 787,000. Reliable Sources is having its lowest-rated year since 2015 and has lost 26 percent of its total audience versus last year. It has shed 34 percent among the 25-54 age range, and 31 percent in the 18-49 demographic.”

Ratings: Brian Stelter vs. FOX (Source:

Twitter users also criticized CNN for airing an advertisement by The Judicial Crisis Network, which is an American conservative advocacy organization. The ad exposes Attorney General Merrick Garland for turning on his longtime former colleague and friend, Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and his surrender to the woke mob for the sake of politics

One Twitter user said, “CNN is going down the tubes! Brian Stetler was one of the most honest guys on CNN! Getting sick of this news station! Time to turn to MSNBC!! Particularly after airing that ad about Merrick Garland!! New owner is a Trump ass kisser!”

Another tweeted, “Looks like we’re down to half a channel. I never watched FoxNews, but now have to #BoycottCNN because they’re helping the MAGA GOP destroy our democracy with the vile anti-Garland ad. I can only watch @MSNBC when Chuck Todd & Andrea Mitchell are away having lunch with the GOP.”

Another user added, “This ad trashing Merrick Garland on CNN just now is the last straw. @CNN l’m done with y’all. If I wanted to watch Fox I’d have that channel on.”

The Left is Eating Their Own! ‘#BoycottCNN’ Trends on Twitter after Brian Stelter is BOOTED off Set

Kaitlin Housler

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