How Truth Social Changed After the Mar-a-Lago Raid – Spoiler Alert: IT’S EPIC

How Truth Social Changed After the Mar-a-Lago Raid - Spoiler Alert: IT’S EPIC
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The FBI raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Residence may have inadvertently helped the President. The public backlash against the FBI isn’t the only benefit Trump received, wait until you see what else happened

Trump just received great news about one of his companies. The American Lookout reports, Trump’s Truth Social just got a boost from the raid on Mar-A-Lago.

Trump’s Truth Social app has been downloaded around 3 million times since the raid – an increase of around 550%.

Upon hearing the story, Trump blasted the media for referring to the social media platform as “a little-used site with a few people watching.”

The President posted on Truth social, “It’s amazing, I’ve had two stories—one in Politico, one in the Fake New York Times, where in the midst of the story, they say that I put my message out on Truth Social, a “little-used” site with “few” people watching. More Fake News. They know it’s now one of the hottest sites in the world, but they will never admit it, that’s why they call them the Fake News. Everyone is watching”

On Fox News, Jim Jordan discussed the raid and FBI whistleblowers.

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In addition to truth social getting a boost from this raid, so did the Republican party. A recent poll found Republican voter enthusiasm growing after the Mar-A-Lago raid.

Breitbart reports, According to two recent YouGov polls, voter enthusiasm has grown by six points after the FBI raided former president Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home.

51 percent of Republicans said they were more enthusiastic about voting in this year’s election than in the previous congressional election year, in a survey of 1500 adults conducted from August 13 to 16.

Since the YouGov poll from August 7 to 9, enthusiasm has increased by six points. According to a survey conducted from August 7 to 9, only 45 percent of respondents were more enthusiastic about voting this year than last.

There was barely any increase in enthusiasm about voting with Democrats and independents. Both Democrats and independents increased by one point, with Democrats increasing from 35 to 36 percent and independents increasing from 24 to 25 percent.

The FBI made a huge mistake when they went after Trump. American citizens are waking up to the FBI’s corruption and Republicans are more energized than ever! Next time they’ll think before coming after conservatives

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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