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As our nation crumbles, the hearts of many who are watching our decline are starting to wake up to their massive failure – to make the right choice in 2022. But no worries as Trump will be making his move to save America again.

Fox News reports. Joe Concha Dropped a Trump 2024 bombshell and citing, as evidence for it, the elite’s hatred of him, his willingness to stand up to them in high-profile ways, and his holding numerous rallies recently.

A major conservative player stated she wants to be Trump’s running mate.

Next news network previously reported, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has been one of Donald Trump’s most loyal supporters. And Donald Trump loves loyalty. Of her, Trump has said, she’s “a warrior in Congress,” adding “She doesn’t back down, she doesn’t give up, and she has ALWAYS been with ‘Trump.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene is such a loyal Trump supporter, she recently said she would “be honored” to be Trump’s running mate in 2024, reports Business Insider.

America’s been in a constant state of decline since Trump left office in 2020. We all know that he’s a fighter, and we all know that he is not done trying to fix the country he loves. Here’s to Trump 2024, baby.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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