You’ll Pull Your Hair Out When You Hear Biden’s INSANE Tone Deaf Bragging about Gas Prices

You’ll Pull Your Hair Out When You Hear Biden’s INSANE Tone Deaf Bragging about Gas Prices
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If there’s one thing that the Biden Administration is good at it’s lying to the American people. Actually you know what they suck at that too. 

After causing the gas prices to skyrocket, they are now trying to say that the lower prices should be considered a $100 a month raise for each American. Shutting down the keystone pipeline, canceling a majority of land leases for drilling, and putting policies in place to halt a vast majority of domestic oil production, is squarely on Joe Biden’s shoulders.

Townhall Reports. When you fill up your tank at a gas station and spend almost half your paycheck, thank Mr. President Joe Biden because, according to him, it’s almost like you’re getting a $100 raise per month. 

The Biden administration claims in an email to reporters that Americans should interpret falling fuel prices as a monthly raise. 

The subject line of the email reads, “ICYMI: America Just Got A $100-A-Month Raise,” the email says, “President Biden has taken decisive action to lower prices at the pump, and the current drop in gas prices is the fastest decline in over a decade… thanks to that decline, Americans are collectively spending around $400 million less each day than they would if gas prices had stayed at their peak.” 

There is also a link to a CNN story that was published AT THE SAME TIME as the email, with the first line reading, “Next time you stop at a gas station, think of it as a $100-a-month tax cut. Or a maybe $100-a-month raise.

Joe Biden has been on record numerous times discussing his intentions to end the oil industry.

Next News Network reported. A video of Biden from March of 2020 has been circulating of the then-candidate in recent days and shows him talking about cutting back domestic oil production. The clip was from the Democratic presidential primary debate between him and Sen. Bernie Sanders. In the clip, Biden promises to slow down the US energy industry by using regulations and slashing subsidies.

It is pretty apparent that the oil crisis was not caused by Russia as the whitehouse claimed previously, day one in office Biden made good on his promise to wage war on the oil industry, and Americans suffered because of it.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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