WHITES BANNED in Overtly RACIST Move At UC Berkeley Off-Campus Property

WHITES BANNED in Overtly RACIST Move At UC Berkeley Off-Campus Property
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 It looks like the Democrats’ old segregation policies are starting to make a comeback, and Democrats are pushing for races to remain separated yet again.

I bet you if we went to the streets and polled Americans in major Democrat cities, and asked them “which party is more racist?” They would reply that the Republicans were racist. Yet historically Republicans ended slavery, ended jim crow, ended segregation and many many other policies. Now there seems to be a resurgence of liberal ideals coming out in the Democrat party where “no whites allowed” policies are being put into place.

 Breitbart reports. In order to “avoid white violence and presence,” a UC Berkeley off-campus house dubbed “The Person of Color Theme House” bans white people from common areas. According to the alleged house rules, residents must inform other tenants whenever they bring white guests.

According to the purported list of house rules, many POC members moved there to avoid violence and white presence, so respect their decision if you bring white guests. Residents are also expected to make sure their guests “understand our house values and uphold the theme of the house.”

Here is a tour video.

When bringing a white person to the property, tenants are encouraged to notify their fellow tenants in a group chat. 

To prevent “white violence and presence,” white people are “not allowed” in shared spaces within the house.

UC Berkeley Alumni have slammed the co-op’s inclusive non inclusive policy.

Daily Mail writes. UC Berkeley alumnus David Seaborg, founder and president of the World Rainforest Fund, criticized the off-campus co-op saying the ‘woke mentality’ at the school is dangerous. 

Seaborg, who supports the Democratic Party, believes ‘the woke stuff’ will upset a lot of white voters who Democrats hope to win over.

Now imagine if the sign was reversed. Every single lawyer in the country would be lined up to take that case. It is absurd that these liberal individuals can think that what they are doing is morally justifiable. America was built on the ability to have an open dialogue with other Americans. When you shut down the dialogue, and disallow people the opportunity you just deepen the divide. Also the freedom of speech is Americas pressure release valve, if people cant voice their opinions, you create canyons that cannot be overcome. These racist policies should not have a part in American society, and when they were a part of American society millions of Americans fought and died  in a civil war to change that, so America could be wholly free.  

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