DAMAGE DONE: After Years Of DESTRUCTION Liberal City Finally Moves To WIPE Them All Out

DAMAGE DONE: After Years Of DESTRUCTION Liberal City Finally Moves To WIPE Them All Out
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Liberal policies have turned Seattle into a nightmare of a city. There’s open drug use, trash everywhere, and homeless encampments on every corner. Residents of North Seattle have had enough and they just did something about it.

Enough is enough!

On Tuesday, city crews and Seattle police cleared an encampment at North 125th Street and Stone Avenue North after receiving complaints about trash, rats, crime, and rampant drug activity for six years.

There were numerous recreational vehicles being towed away, as well as abandoned cars that would not start. KOMO News has more.

KIRO 7 learned that the city reached out to people who were living in their cars, RVs and tents, to offer shelter.

One source close to the situation told KIRO 7 that the majority of people did not accept the offers for help and just moved to another location.

Seattle residents spoke to KOMO News about the cleanup process. According to John Walker, who lives right next door to the encampment, homeless people have lived in the greenbelt for 15 years when he first moved near 125th and Stone Avenue.

About a month ago, outreach workers connected with 36 people, according to a spokesperson for the Seattle Mayor’s Office.

Fifteen of the 36 took referrals for housing and services.

Seven of the homeless now live in tiny home villages and eight have moved into shelters.

They have reported repeated thefts of everything from catalytic converters and machinery to tools and bicycles.

One resident, Gary Mauhl said someone tried to snatch his dog off his porch, they didn’t get his pooch, but someone swiped his table saw. He can’t say for sure it was someone living in the encampment but insists all their problems began when the encampment grew.

Homeless advocates who showed up on site Monday and today offered rides and help with relocation for some of the homeless who refused help from the city.

They insist despite all the concerns from neighbors and even nearby businesses dealing with theft, that the site is ideal for an encampment. “It’s not hurting anybody, it’s out of the way, it even has a vegetable garden,” said one advocate.

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