SHOCK: Seconds After WINNING, Dem Openly Confirms Their SECRET AGENDA is In Full Swing

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In a video that is now going viral, a Democrat candidate for New York State Senate District 59 that described herself as a “Democratic socialist” confirmed that the socialist takeover is happening.

Kristen Gonzalez, who won the Democratic nomination for State Senate District 59 on Tuesday night, says in the now-viral video, “today we really prove that socialism wins and we are not going anywhere. We are not going anywhere and we will not stop until we see a socialist slate across this city.”

In her primary race, Gonzalez led opponent Liz Crowley with 58.14% of the vote, according to the Board of Elections in the City of New York.

Gonzalez is endorsed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Democratic Socialists of America.

Reacting to the socialist’s win, Republican National Committee spokeswoman Nicole Morales told the Daily Caller in a statement, “Democrats aren’t even hiding it anymore. Claiming victory for socialism is a slap in the face to the hundreds of thousands of victims and survivors of socialism. Instead of embracing failed ideologies, Democrats should read a history book.”

The fact that a self-proclaimed “democratic socialist” won a primary race should be concerning enough for all of us, but it’s not the only sign that socialism is on the rise. We need to reject this ideology before it destroys our country completely. Let your friends and family know what’s at stake in the upcoming election, and make sure they vote!

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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