WATCH: Shocked SanFran Business Owners Address Crime and Homelessness in Powerful Video

WATCH: Shocked SanFran Business Owners Address Crime and Homelessness in Powerful Video
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A crime is sweeping California and business owners have finally had enough. Shop owners are protesting the government’s response to the rampant crime and they are threatening their tax dollars.

These shop owners are taking it to the city after they’ve been subjected to horrible conditions by the city.

According to the Daily Caller, San Francisco shops in the Castro District are refusing to pay their taxes over the city’s alleged inability to address crime.

As a result of an increase in burglaries, vandalism, homeless encampments in front of shops and residences, and individuals with mental illnesses, the Castro Merchants Association warned San Francisco city officials they would not pay taxes if the city did not address the problem.

Terrance Alan, co-president of Castro Merchants Association and owner of Flore Dispensary and Cafe Flore, said several shops have been vandalized while homeless people are causing problems for local businesses.

A team of San Francisco Public Works crews was in Castro for a regularly scheduled “deep cleaning”.

Castro Smoke Shop manager Deen Nasher claimed some of the homeless individuals get “violent.

Co-President of the Castro Merchants Association, Dave Karraker, said businesses should stop paying taxes until the city takes action

Karraker told the outlet, “We’re at a point now where it’s next to impossible to run a business in the Castro when you’re dealing with these daily issues that you know a small business owner shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not their front window is going to get smashed today,”

As reported by KTVU, the Castro Merchants Association has requested that the city of San Francisco set aside 35 shelter beds for homeless individuals in the Castro District; create a plan to address giving mental health services to individuals who have rejected help, as well as ensuring police enforce laws and devise plans for those who refuse treatment.

The city’s Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing said Tuesday that it cannot reserve shelter beds for one neighborhood, but it is expanding its housing options.

Business owners reported 72 incidents of vandalism totaling $135,472 in damages to the Castro Merchants Association in February 2021.

This movement comes after the San Francisco District Attorney was recalled for his soft on crime policies.

AP News reports that San Francisco residents voted overwhelmingly in June to recall progressive District Attorney Chesa Boudin after a heated campaign that captivated the country and bitterly divided Democrats over crime, policing, and public safety reforms.

California’s hotel and retailer associations praised Boudin’s removal as a sign that visitors, shoppers and workers will once again be prioritized in a city that relies heavily on tourism. Despite Boudin’s efforts, they refused to be labeled Republicans. Fox News has more.

Boudin was a first-time candidate who narrowly won office in November 2019 as part of a national wave of progressive prosecutors seeking alternatives to incarceration, ending the racist war on drugs, and holding police accountable.

The San Francisco Police Department accused Boudin’s office of withholding evidence in a case against an officer during Boudin’s tenure. When police failed to bring evidence and made arrests in only 5% of cases, Boudin said he could not prosecute the cases.

There has long been a problem with open drug dealing, vandalism, auto theft, and home burglaries in San Francisco. It was outside forces that made the political newcomer who narrowly won in 2019 an easy target for public frustration, according to political experts.

San Francisco residents and business owners alike have had enough and it’s refreshing to see them push back on the cities soft on crime policies. They’re fed up and hopefully with enough pressure will take back their community. Well done.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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