Biden Gets Lit Up By Liberal Dem Lt. Governor over Medical marijuana

Biden Gets Lit Up By Liberal Dem Lt. Governor over Medical marijuana
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The debate over marijuana has been raging for a while now. Joe Biden has called to decriminalize the drug in the past but hasn’t done so yet. One Lt. Governor is fed up and is calling on Biden to get on with it.

Senate Candidate John Fetterman is calling on Joe Biden to take action!

According to the Washington Examiner, Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters Monday that President Joe Biden does NOT plan to swiftly decriminalize marijuana despite a call to action from Pennsylvania Democratic Senatorial nominee John Fetterman.

This comes after Fetterman officially called on Biden to use his executive authority to decriminalize the drug

In his statement Fetterman declared, “The president needs to use his executive authority to begin descheduling marijuana, I would love to see him do this prior to his visit to Pittsburgh,” he wrote. “This is just common sense and Pennsylvanians overwhelmingly support decriminalizing marijuana.”

Despite pressure from progressives and promises made on the campaign trail, Biden has avoided discussing marijuana reform during his first two years in office. A total of 17 marijuana-related sentences have been commuted and three marijuana-related pardons have been issued by the president.

The two will appear in Pittsburgh over Labor Day weekend.

Biden has made statements regarding incarcerated individuals who are in for minimal drug charges.

Washington times reported. Then-Sen. Biden was a leading proponent of the 1986 Anti-Drug Abuse Act, which imposed harsher penalties on crack cocaine possession than on powder cocaine. In the Senate, Mr. Biden vehemently advocated for this provision of the law, which was detrimental to the African American community. Despite this historic increase in incarcerations, the 1994 Clinton Crime Bill further exacerbated the problem. Crack cocaine was harshly penalized for African Americans, while opioid painkillers were legal for white Americans.

It is kind of ironic that Biden might be the one to decriminalize weed nationally, when he helped write some of the most draconian bills in American history. Those bills that Biden helped make into law, dramatically affected the African American community, and now he is talking about going back on his previous firm stances.

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