EXPOSED: Biden’s Army colonel sent busloads of AMERICANS and ALLIES to their death

EXPOSED: Biden’s Army colonel sent busloads of AMERICANS and ALLIES to their death
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Joe Biden’s Army colonel sent busloads of AMERICANS and ALLIES to their deaths in order to further his own career.

The Afghan withdrawal was a nightmare situation that could have been avoided. Never before in American history has the United States Government left its own citizens to perish. America has always stood by its allies, and her own citizens no matter the circumstances, and has started wars over defending them. The Afghanistan withdrawal was a disgrace to the legacy of the United States armed forces.

Daily wire writes. A U.S. Army colonel turned away four busloads of Americans, orphans, and others with verified paperwork guaranteeing safe passage out of Afghanistan, members of a volunteer evacuation team claimed in a new documentary.

In the final days of U.S. occupation in Afghanistan, the members conducted an evacuation blitz to rescue stranded Americans and other vulnerable groups before the Taliban took control. According to the operators in the Amazon Prime Video documentary, “Send Me,” an unnamed Army colonel “murdered” hundreds of potential evacuees by refusing them tickets out of the country. 

The documentary outlines the efforts made by Tim Kennedy, Chad Robichaux and 10 others as they made their attempt to save interpreter Aziz and others that the Government promised to help, but left to die. 

New York Post reports. As the Taliban retook control of the country after a nearly 20-year US occupation and war, the group embarked on a dangerous rescue mission. According to the documentary, Robichaux, Kennedy, and 10 others acted as Kabul fell on Aug. 15, 2021.

It was originally conceived to save Robichaux’s trusted interpreter Aziz, who had been trying in vain to secure a US visa for six years. As the Taliban’s tactics became more brutal and Afghans more desperate, the team was able to get 800 people to waiting planes on the second night of the mission.

Outside the airport, bodies littered the ground – many of them babies – as the Taliban allegedly assassinated people at random. According to Palmisciano. “There were people that threw babies over the wall of the airport … not realizing that on the other side of the wall was concertina wire.” 

As the colonel turned away the would-be refugees, Sen. Thom Tillis of North Carolina called the generals and asked them to intervene, but by that time the fate of the refugees and Americans was sealed.

This documentary tells a story of heartbreak and tragedy, but also one of heroism and defiance in the face of an unjust system. The actions of Robichaux, Kennedy and their team are nothing short of heroic, and it is appalling that they were met with such resistance from those who are meant to protect us. It is time for our government to be held accountable for its failings, both domestically and abroad. We owe it to the heroes like Robichaux and Kennedy to make sure that something like this never happens again.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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