Leftist ACCIDENTALLY Reveals THE SECRET to getting rid of “Woke” teachers in your school system!

Leftist ACCIDENTALLY Reveals THE SECRET to getting rid of "Woke" teachers in your school system!
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The woke leftist agenda is seeping into our schools and American youth are being indoctrinated. Another example of this crazy liberal agenda was exposed the story is going to shock you.

Woke teachers are now going behind parents backs and hiding their indoctrination of students from them.

According to The Western Journal, an Illinois middle school teacher admits to lying to parents about what she teaches her students. The dangerous, anti-American leftism that pervades our public school systems should not only serve as a warning to parents, but also serve as a roadmap for eliminating it.

The Post Millennial reports that the teacher teaches at Troy Middle School in Plainfield, Illinois, about 40 miles southwest of Chicago.

The smug leftist boasted throughout the video about how she intentionally excludes parents when their children claim to be transgender.

Chicago-area schools are not the only ones experiencing this behavior. There is a nationwide trend showing up all over the country.

As reported by the Post Millennial Reports, Oakland’s Fremont High School introduced the “Transition Closet” for students who do not identify with their birth gender. 

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Fayetteville, Arkansas, introduced the program to allow trans-identified youth to transition socially and circumvent their parents.

We are extremely excited to begin our journey with Fremont Highschool of Oakland California, alongside our favorite teacher on TikTok.”, wrote Transition Closet. 

Here’s a teacher talking about the closet project. They want students to wear clothes that their parents approve of, come to school, and then swap out for clothes that fit them best. 

A grant was awarded by the Arkansas LGBTQ+ Advancement Fund to Transition Closet, which teaches girls how to bind their breasts to appear more masculine. With the grant, The Transition Closet will provide gender-affirming clothing and accessories to transgender and non-binary Arkansans.

The sooner precedents are set that affirm teachers cannot eliminate parents from education, the better for the nation’s children who will no longer suffer from left-wing indoctrination.

As this teacher pointed out, our public schools are infested with rot. But she also showed us how to surgically remove it. Sue them. Sue them. And sue them again until woke teachers stop this dangerous behavior, and teachers like this one stop teaching.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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