WATCH: Shish Kebab Eating Man Causes Animal Rights Activists to Freak Out In EPIC Troll

WATCH: Shish Kebab Eating Man Causes Animal Rights Activists to Freak Out In EPIC Troll
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Nothing pisses off vegans more than people minding their own business and enjoying some good old fashioned meat. Animal rights activists were confronted by one such man who decided to eat his lunch at their protest. This footage is hilarious.

It didn’t take much to upset this animal rights protest.

As reported by The Daily Wire. While animal rights activists protested outside several New York City stores, a man was filmed happily eating a shish kebab. The protest was massive and activists were seen spilling fake blood on the sidewalk.

A man, who has not yet been identified, was filmed eating his shish kebab in front of the Nike store in New York City on Saturday, where animal rights groups were protesting Nike’s use of animals.

It catalyzed some incendiary responses when he ate meat. Several people screamed at him in the video.

The Daily Mail reported. Representatives from PETA, NYCLASS and the Humane Society attended the protest,

Some responses on social media applauded the man with comments such as “Somebody get that man a beer to go with his shish kabob,” “This hero deserves an @alexstein99 award,” and “This would be me if I lived in NYC. I’d bring 50 of my buddies and have a giant BBQ. Dude … is a stud!!”

Many online applauded the man eating a shish kebab in the now viral video

In March 2018, animal rights activists in Toronto conducting their fourth protest against a game-themed restaurant called Antler Kitchen and Bar got a response they didn’t expect: one of the co-owners of the restaurant, who was also a chef, brought out a deer leg to a table in the front window and started carving it in front of the protesters.

Protesters held banners reading “Murder” in large, hot pink letters; another held a sign that read “please add vegan steak to the menu.”

The co-owner, Michael Hunter, who hunts moose and deer with a crossbow, not only carved the leg, but then sat down at the table and ate the meat in front of the protesters.

It clearly doesn’t take much to trigger these animal rights activists and this man trolling them by eating meat was hilarious. It also makes you wonder how these people have so much time and energy to be angered by other people’s lifestyles . If you want to be vegan and not eat meat go ahead, but let other people do what they think is best for them.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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