WHOA! Watch as Biden is dragged away by Jill with hands LOCKED UP in Front of Reporters

WHOA! Watch as Biden is dragged away by Jill with hands LOCKED UP in Front of Reporters
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Joe Biden made another gaffe this week. I know it’s hard to believe, right? The commander and chief embarrassed himself yet again and this one is hard to watch.

Biden has spent the last two weeks hiding from the American public on an extended vacation but when he was boarding air force one his wife was seen corralling him

As 100percentfedup.com reported. Jill Biden drug the President away from an interview at the airport as he was awkwardly sticking his hand out.

Biden has had similar experiences in the past where he ‘shaked hands’ with thin air. Biden stuck his hand out after giving a speech in April when no one else was present.

In addition to these absolute failures, the President might have inadvertently revealed this week that he isn’t even in charge. After calling on a reporter, the President’s handlers shot him down and he exclaimed “I took control. I shouldn’t do that. I’m not allowed to do that.”

Light’s are on there but clearly nonone is home. What an embarrassment.

It is worth recalling that President Trump was questioned about his mental fitness when he was President. Trump was often called ‘mentally unfit’ to be president by crackpot psychiatrists. According to some, his mental state constituted a threat to national security and he should be removed under the 25th amendment. Where are those same people now? Nowhere to be found.

When compared to Biden, Trump looks like a ‘stable genius’. It’s not saying too much since Biden is completely mentally unfit, but still

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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