CNN Scrambling To Save Dying Show With Pathetic Move That Won’t Change A Thing

CNN Scrambling To Save Dying Show With Pathetic Move That Won’t Change A Thing
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CNN can’t seem to get anything right, yet another show on the network is being canceled, or as they put it “re-imagined”.

CNN sucks, it has sucked for a long time. We all know this, but it seems that the staff at CNN is finally beginning to understand the situation they are in. Recently they have been making some major changes, and the new CEO is taking the ax to many of the networks projects and hosts.

Fox News writes. “New Day” will be replaced with a revamped version before the end of the year, but the existing edition isn’t exactly doing well. During the month of August, Fox News’ time slot competition “FOX & Friends” averaged 1.3 million total viewers, while “New Day” averaged 398,000 viewers. The poor August turnout is an improvement from the disappointing quarter-to-date viewership of “New Day,” which averages just 80,000 each morning compared to 212,000 for “FOX & Friends.” It is also struggling among advertisers’ coveted 25-54 demographic.

This announcement comes after CNN canceled Stelter, Wallace, and their hopeful CNN+.

Next News Network. Cnn’s brand new streaming service CNN+ failed quickly after launch. The initial subscriptions were not nearly encouraging enough to continue the service, and the platform quickly fell into a dumpster fire.

(watch clip here)

CLOSE. CNN needs to do a complete overhaul to even begin to regain the trust it has lost over the years. From fake sets claiming to be in Iraq, and the political lies they have told they have a lot of ground to gain back. Iregardless Next News Network will be here reporting the news. 

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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