CAUGHT: Democrats Caught VOTESHAMING Americans

CAUGHT: Democrats Caught VOTESHAMING Americans
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The democrat party is desperate to get a voter turnout to help stop the red wave from coming, now they have been caught shaming Americans into showing up on election day.

The number one problem for Democrats this November is going to be voter turnout according to numerous polls. Instead of inspiring Americans to come out and vote, the Democrat party is outright shaming people for not voting.

The daily Caller writes. According to Axios, a Democrat group is trying to stop a red wave in the midterm elections by shaming young voters in battleground states.

Axios reported that the Democratic super PAC Priorities USA uses social pressure to shame voters in battleground states into voting by warning viewers that it goes on their public record whether or not they vote. Spending $30 million on digital advertising instead of TV advertising is part of their strategy to increase votes for Democratic candidates in November.

Lets watch.

Wow! But Wait there’s more

The Democrat super pac has been targeting younger people through peer pressure campaigns.

Fox News writes. Priorities USA currently uses ads on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, as well as YouTube and streaming music services. According to Axios, they use a technique called “social pressure” to drive voter turnout. It was a lighthearted, almost comical approach to getting people to understand the community aspect of voting, according to Priorities USA executive director Aneesa McMillan.

Desperate times calls for desperate messaging. The Dems cannot hope to win unless they pull out all the stops. Good thing the pandemic card was already played.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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