LET’S DO THIS. DeSantis Throws Down the Gauntlet With Huge Move Against Biden Admin

LET'S DO THIS. DeSantis Throws Down the Gauntlet With Huge Move Against Biden Admin
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Desantis taking the gloves off with the Biden administration in his fight to lower prescription prices in the state of Florida.

In an effort to help reduce Florida’s health care costs, Ron Desantis has filed a lawsuit against the federal government to allow Canadian prescription drugs into the state.

Western Journal reports. Florida’s Republican governor Ron DeSantis announced Wednesday that Florida is suing the Biden administration in a last-ditch effort to import prescription drugs from Canada.

The lawsuit alleged that the Food and Drug Administration is hindering Florida’s application for the program, and has violated the Administrative Procedures Act by not moving forward with the program or telling Florida what it needs to do to become approved.

Here is Desantis’s press briefing.

The Biden administration has previously sided with Governor Desantis and Florida regarding the importation of prescription drugs from Canada.

Politico writes. The Biden administration in 2021 filed a motion in federal court seeking to dismiss a lawsuit aimed at preventing prescription drug imports from Canada – a plan Florida is advocating.

In its motion, the Biden administration basically supports Florida and New Mexico, the only other states that have begun the process of applying for Canadian imports. A motion asks a federal court in Washington to toss out a lawsuit filed by Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America, which represents brand-name drug makers.

The administration claims that the drug industry is acting too soon with its legal challenge because the importation rule and process have yet to be officially implemented.

Desantis is a champion for the people, we wish him luck in his battle against big pharma and the Biden admin.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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