BUSTED! Undercover video EXPOSES One Teacher’s Plan To BRAINWASH your Kids

BUSTED! Undercover video EXPOSES One Teacher's Plan To BRAINWASH your Kids
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If you thought the education system was woke, you haven’t seen anything yet! New undercover reporting from Project Veritas shows a school teacher admitting to her indoctrination agenda. This one is wild!

The agenda is here and it’s come straight from the horse’s mouth.

Project Veritas Reports. In a recording, Trinity School NYC Director of Student Activities Jennifer Norris admits that her current leadership position facilitates her goal of promoting politics among students.

The school official claims she uses her time at work to advance her ideological objectives.

To avoid attracting the school administration’s attention to this ideological work, Norris tells the Veritas journalist that some things must be done subtly.

In addition, the administrator suggested that conservative views might not be worthwhile at the school.

She said, “I mean, we [Trinity School NYC] are not as left as I am, for sure. But it’s definitely a school where conservatives would not feel comfortable,”

Norris went one step further. In her role as a decision-maker for student activities, she will not allow right-leaning speakers and ideas to be presented to the students:

She also admitted that the school’s current detention program is used to push politics instead of disciplining students who engaged in wrongdoing:

She explained “We don’t punish them, but if they do it, then they have to serve detention, and then during detention we talk about social justice. We do much more education there.”

What has our education system turned into? It’s absolutely appalling to see this blatant type of indoctrination in our schools, but this is where we are. If there was ever a time to homeschool your children, the time would be now.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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