CIVIL WAR! Fallout From Biden’s SATANIC Speech Continues As Leftists Now Targeting CNN

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The left is not happy with CNN.

According to Townhall, CNN has received mixed reactions to President Joe Biden’s speech attacking 74 million Americans, flanked by Marines and surrounded by a red backdrop that made him look like something out of “V for Vendetta” or Nazi Germany. CNN’s Brianna Keilar and Jeff Zeleny criticized the use of Marines. CNN reporter Eva McKend, however, gushed over how supposedly “patriotic” it was. Don’t take their word for it, decide for yourself.

Taking issue with Keilar and Zeleny’s criticisms, the left went nuts, furthering the “semi-fascism” narrative. At one point, “Brianna” even trended over Twitter, and a tweet from her calling out Marine presence received approximately 19,700 replies. On Friday, “boycott CNN” was also trending.

One person responded to Keilar saying, “CNN’s Brianna Keilar just attacked Biden for having Marines positioned behind him during his speech. She said the military shouldn’t be “politicized.” They’re not. The military stands against Fascism and they support the President. CNN stands against Biden and supports Fascism.”

Our friends at Twitchy also highlighted some of the best responses.

One person wrote, “ That statement earned you an un-follow!!! Have a great time at the new fox-lite!!”

Another responded, “Nope. Bad take. The country is under attack. This message crosses political narratives. Which makes your take obsolete.”

Jennifer Rubin tweeted incessantly about the speech throughout Thursday, spending almost as much time and energy focusing on what a failure CNN has supposedly become.

In response to Mary Trump she said, “CNN is in the business of exemplifying how mainstream media fails to comprehend the crisis to democracy, reducing everything to partisanship. It’s hemorrhaging viewers and this won’t help.”

She even claimed the network has gone morally insane.

Additionally, it appeared that the lighting had been dimmed to make it look a little less fascist on the network.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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