Eric Adams BOASTS How He’s Going to Strip New Yorkers 2nd Amendment Rights

Eric Adams BOASTS How He's Going to Strip New Yorkers 2nd Amendment Rights
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Our right to bear arms is protected by the second amendment but some leaders in our country are trying to take that away. They want to scrutinize Americans who exercise that right and nowhere more than New York. Wait until you see what they said now.

Conceal Carry permits may be more difficult to get in New York after the Mayor talk about his new plan.

TownHall Reports, Mayor Eric Adams said that residents seeking concealed carry permits may face tough scrutiny during the process, such as police officers visiting applicants’ homes. Eric Adams went on MSNBC to discuss.

Recently, the Supreme Court ruled there was a constitutional right to carry a gun outside the home, eliminating “may issue” statutes that required applicants to prove their right to self-defense.

Gun permits holders will also not be allowed to carry their firearms in certain parts of the city, such as Times Square. “Gun Free Zone” signs have been posted throughout the area.

The Governor of New York has been in favor of restricting gun access to New Yorkers.

According to Politico. In a speech Wednesday, Gov. Kathy Hochul praised fellow Democrat Mayor Eric Adams for collaborating with her on enacting the new gun licensing laws, which are the result of a landmark Supreme Court decision in June.

“We were ready for it,” Hochul said at a press conference with Adams. “We were prepared for this moment.”

Thousands of people have sought concealed handgun permits across the state since the court ruling overturned New York’s prior restrictions, striking a major blow to gun-safety advocates.

Applicants from the five boroughs will enjoy the relaxed standards in recent history – grandfathered in because they applied before Thursday’s enactment. Hochul says otherwise. According to her, even those who submitted their applications before the effective date will be subject to stricter new state laws. Hochul called the Supreme Court’s Decision to allow Conceal Carry reprehensible.

When leaders try to take your gun rights away, that’s exactly when you go get a gun. And to Kathy Hochul, your job is not to protect us, it’s to protect our rights to we can protect ourselves. Get it right.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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