Liz Cheney Crawls From Swap With Desperate Attempt to Insult Ted Cruz

Liz Cheney Crawls From Swap With Desperate Attempt to Insult Ted Cruz
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Liz Cheney may have lost her congressional seat, but she isn’t out of the public eye. In fact she’s thrust herself back into the spotlight after insulting a Republican Senator. Wait until you see what she said.

Rep. Liz Cheney won’t give up her seat in Congress without a fight.

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On Tuesday, the congresswoman, who was unsuccessful in her reelection bid this month, tweeted that Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) would say anything, anytime. Cheney also called Cruz a “chameleon,” saying, “He thinks he’s so smart no one can see through him.”

Cruz responded to Cheney with a GIF based on a scene from Mad Men, a format for short videos. The image was captioned with the phrase, “I don’t think about you at all.“

Cheney’s tweet came after a liberal activist shared a video of the senator expressing his support for “complete cleaning” of the FBI. The senator is heard saying he would support such a move in the video.

As a result of the reporter’s tweet, Cruz later justified his remarks about the FBI, which has come under attack from Republicans over recent whistleblower complaints and the raid of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago villa.

Cheney lost the Wyoming at-large House seat to Harriet Hageman earlier this month, who had Trump’s support. During the House committee meeting on January 6, Cheney and other Republican members of the party formed a schism as a result of her criticism of Trump.

Liz Cheney was rightfully censured by the Republican National Committee for joining the select committee on Jan. 6. Despite her conservative voting record, Liz Cheney was attacked by the Republican National Committee for joining the select committee. Republicans accused her of being a “RINO.”

On multiple occasions, she has said that she does not regret speaking her mind, arguing that democracy is at risk if conspiracy theories surround the election results are not condemned. Although her stance on Trump has been criticized significantly, she continues to stand by it.

She took aim at Trump’s discourse and his role in the riot at the Capitol during her concession speech after losing to a Trump-selected candidate. Cheney also made a passing reference to the fact that Abraham Lincoln lost races prior to becoming president (comparing herself to him). She did so in order to make the point that she may run for president in the future.

Cheney may say she did the right thing, but I bet you she’d like her seat back rather than be relegated to insulting senators on Twitter. But hey what do I know, this new role definition suits her better.

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