9 Found Dead As Biden’s Border Body Count Continues To Rise -CPB issues grave warning to migrants

9 Found Dead As Biden’s Border Body Count Continues To Rise -CPB issues grave warning to migrants
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Crossing illegally into America through our southern border is not just wrong, it’s dangerous. The journey is physically exhausting, long and filled with many dangerous smugglers and cartel members. It’s gotten so bad recently that Customs and Border Patrol just issued a warning to people thinking of crossing.

Migrants were just issued a stark warning after a dangerous week of illegal crossings.

The Post Millennial Reports. The Border Patrol is urging migrants not to attempt the crossing of the Rio Grande river into the United States after nine illegal immigrants drowned.

CBP Chief Patrol Agent Jason Owens, of the Del Rio Sector, issued a warning to those who are trying to make the trip.


Owens warned, “This is a warning of extreme importance; the currents of the Rio Grande have become more dangerous due to recent and continuing rainfall and more rain is forecasted for the coming week,”

“Despite these adverse conditions, US Border Patrol, Del Rio Sector continues to encounter large groups of more than 100+, 200+ attempting to cross the Rio Grande daily.” Fox News’ Bill Melugin documented one of these large groups just a couple weeks ago.

“To date, at least nine individuals have died over the last few days attempting to cross this area,” Owens continued. “In an effort to prevent further loss of life, we are asking everyone to please avoid crossing illegally.”

Migrants tried to cross the river last week. were discovered by Mexican authorities.

CBP agents rescued 37 migrants from the water in the same incident. 39 people were arrested by Mexican authorities.

In August alone, CBP agents recovered more than 200 bodies of migrants trying to cross the river in the Del Rio sector.

Joe Biden has dramatically slowed the prosecution of illegal immigrants despite a record-high number of illegal immigrants pouring into the United States along the country’s southern border.

Unfortunately these deaths represent just a fraction of what the CBP has encountered.

According to the New York Times. It is common for someone to drown in that section of the border, often more than one a day.

After another large group attempted to cross into the United States about two months ago, 12 bodies were recovered on the same day, six by Mexican authorities and six by U.S. rescue officials.

More recently, two boys, one 3 years old and the other 3 months old, slipped from the grasp of an uncle while crossing, he said. An older boy drowned, while the infant was in critical condition at a hospital in San Antonio.

Migrant border crossing deaths are common, but they have increased as tightened U.S. border restrictions, exacerbated by a pandemic-related public health rule, have pushed more desperate migrants to cross.

As migrants brave triple-digit temperatures during desert crossings in Arizona and heavy rains cause water levels to rise in the Rio Grande, the fatality rate typically increases during the summer months.

The Border Patrol made more than 1.8 million apprehensions along the southern border during the first ten months of fiscal year 2022, and the number for the fiscal year ending Sept. 30 is expected to surpass two million, a record high, even though unauthorized crossings have declined in the hot summer months.

Everyday we see the Southern Border crisis get even worse and it’s hard to watch. These stories underscore the importance of secure border policies. It’s not just for the safety of the American people, but the migrants trying to cross. When Biden fails to keep the border secure, people know its open season for crossing illegally into the U.S. The result? Mass casualties. The Border must be secured now to prevent more death.

Next News Network Team

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