WATCH! Jill Biden STUMPED when Confronted on How College Bailouts will lower the cost of School

WATCH! Jill Biden STUMPED when Confronted on How College Bailouts will lower the cost of School
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Jill Biden is a lifelong educator so you would think she would understand her husband’s plan to cancel student debt. She was recently asked about this plan and her answer was less than impressive.

Jill Biden is hoping no one ever sees this footage.

According to American Lookout. Jill Biden was asked a question during a photo op Wednesday at the White House. The reporter asked, “How is student loan cancellation going to bring down the cost of higher education?” It turns out that Jill Biden doesn’t have any better of an answer than any other Democrat, including her husband, to that question.

If he promised to raise inflation even higher and make college costs increase than yes, he kept his promise.

Joe Biden’s plan to cancel student debt is receiving backlash from all over the country including from Pennsylvania Iron Workers.

According to the New York Post. Pennsylvania iron workers criticized President Biden’s $500 billion student loan giveaway, saying it was unfair to those who didn’t incur expensive debts.

Jim Davis, a supervisor at the Donsco, Inc. iron foundry in south-central Pennsylvania told Fox News “It’s not going to affect the people that are here, the people that are actually out doing all the work,”. Biden’s “going to help the people in the bigger cities because that’s what [he] wants.”

Kevin Wasileski, another worker at the foundry, said if students signed a contract, “they should pay for it.” “Why should I pay for somebody else’s college?” he griped.

Earlier this month, President Biden announced the cancellation of $10,000 in federal student debt for borrowers earning less than $125,000 a year Students who receive Pell Grants, which target low-income students, will receive $20,000.

Tony Bell, who also works at Donsco, offered, “Donsco is always hiring people, these college kids can always come here on their time off and work and pay their debt back,”

Paying off your own debt, what a novel idea. Something our President obviously hasn’t thought of. Instead he’s more concerned with buying votes leading up to the midterms and can’t even explain how it will reduce the cost of college. If Biden and his wife can’t who can?

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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