IT’S WAR! Hollywood Loser Kathy Griffin gets LIT UP on Twitter Threatening MAGA World

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Twitter users were stunned at Kathy Griffin’s latest Twitter post.

The Washington Examiner reports, a civil war will break out if Republicans win in November, Kathy Griffin said on Twitter.

“If you don’t want a Civil War, vote for Democrats in November. If you do want Civil War, vote Republican,” she tweeted.

As you could imagine, the backlash against her post was swift.

“This is WRONG. Crazy Hollywood Leftie threatening ‘Civil War’ if Dems don’t win. Sadly, this is today’s Left: angry, hateful & violent,” Senator Ted Cruz tweeted.

“Kathy Griffin blocked me a long time ago when she jumped on one of my criticisms of Trump and I informed her that she and I were not on the same side of things. This is why. I’m not going to war with my neighbors over a corrupt political party. She’s BlueMAGA. I don’t play that,” Johnny Akzam wrote.

Talk show host Jeremy Kappell warned, “The inherent message here couldn’t be more clear. If you don’t vote Democrat, there will be war. King George III had a similar message for the colonists just prior to our Independence. Don’t be bullied by Hollywood Propagandists.”

Griffin later posted a response, blaming the GOP for getting upset over her initial tweet.

“You guys. The maga blue checks are at it again. Because they are constantly threatening Civil War, they are now trying to suggest that I am the one who is threatening a Civil War. Because you know, that’s my thing,” Griffin tweeted.

After her stunt with the bloody Trump head years ago, FOX News notes that during that time, she lost jobs and was even questioned by the Secret Service as a result of incendiary public statements.

Despite all of this, Griffin said during a CBS interview that she would go back and do it all again.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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